Toymation Presents... ??

 When Toymation was created, it was poised to become the market leader in web based sales of anime toys and memorabilia products around American, Japanese and Chinese toy culture. Although many internet companies have recently failed in this market, Toymation has reinvented the typical anime retailer with a specialist website and a motto that “we are a small company that likes to do things on a big scale”. With that said Toymation would like to present UKAniFest...

What is UKAniFest ?

 UKAniFest is an anime and film news website that will produce one event a year, like grind house for all things asian!!

We will  incorporate everything that the avid cinema lover / Asian film lover would want at a cinema festival...

Three films that incorporate how Asian, Korean and Japanese film has finally landed to the U.K.


When and Where??

This was held in a small 'arthouse' venue in 2014 and we will be looking at a major London cinema in 2015/2016.

We will showcase one anime film, one anime to live action film and one movie premiere in 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 will see a premiere.

We also hope to have a dealers area in the cinema so you can purchase all your figures, anime and film related merchandise!