Daisuki iPad app? Would be daisuki if there were anything on there. / by shadebug


The streaming world has been all a tizzy with the likes of alltheanime and wakanim rattling the cages but Daisuki have reared their slumbering head to give us their new iPad app. The question is, is it worth having?

Well fundamentally, it's free so yes. As for whether it makes the experience any better, I'd say it does. One of the major flaws with Daisuki's offering is that it's normally boring as all hell to look at. The new app fixes that with a swanky diagonal scroll thingy which rolls through all the shows. The only problem is that, as you can see from the screenshot, there's not enough content on there to fill a single page. I want to believe in Daisuki as they are, supposedly, the studios themselves, but they give us very little to care about (though the whole of Gin no Saji/Silver Spoon is on there, so that alone is worthwhile).


But Daisuki's lack of content is hardly exclusive to the app. So how does it stack up as a video watching app? Pretty well.


It gives clear instructions on how it works and it has control over resolution and subs. I threw on the first ep of Bakemonogatari, a veritable nightmare for subbers, and it coped splendidly with text in all corners of the screen and splashes of text that last all of one frame. So competent, albeit not particularly pretty, it is.

So yeah, it' free and for the shows that are on there it works well, certainly better than the site. Which I suppose means that if you have an iPad  you should get it.

Me, I've already got it so I'm off to see what else is on.

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