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Hi inter-web, Swifty El here again who brought you reviews on Arrow and The Walking Dead I’m giving you the low-down on a comic I’ve just read. The book I’m reading is by is from the Great DC Universe called ‘52’ it consists of 52 issues, published weekly for one year where normally a book would be published monthly, each issue detailing an actual week of events. The book was set one week after the conclusion of the comic Infinite Crisis.  ‘52’ was written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid how much of an awesome job these guys have??? I am taking this series one by one and will be reading this closely. And will feed you back my thoughts.

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The story those start of slow you are introduced to a guy   named Ralph Dibny talking on   the phone about the heroes last stand while he is going through a torn down   house what looks as thou it was victim of a battle. Also what’s happing is a   women by the name of Renee Montoya aka The Question   who   is a detective working for the Gotham City Police Department drinking   heavily in a bar looks as though she has a lot of problems, else where Paris,   France to be exact John Henry Irons or Steel his Known as is   dealing with a torn down school.


Ralph   is talking about the disappearance of Batgirl and the Death of Superboy. Steel is pulling   people out of ruble and being the typical hero this is all happening In the   absence of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.


I   did say it’s a slow reader lol…


Next your introduced to Booster   Gold with sidekick Skeets for those of you who don’t know who   Booster is he is a hero from the future who’s come back to the golden age of   heroes and heroin’s to make a name for himself amongst the greats while   profiting from endorsements using knowledge of historical events and futuristic   technology to stage high-publicity heroics.


Booster catches the super-villain Mammoth about to steal   some Diamonds this is really the only action that appears in this book.   Booster later learns that the "big three" heroes in the DCU, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman have all disappeared   and the remaining heroes attend a memorial for Superboy in Metropolis.


My feelings of this book is I hope it those get better as for   a 1st book not much happens so it was quite disappointing how ever   I’m intrigued to find out what’s going on with Superman, Batman and Wonder   Woman. The reasons why I chose this particular book I   have been told that this series is one to read it was released in May 2006   and was very successful this serious also caused a lot of spin of books as well   but why I chose this one is because it has so many By stories it is almost   like a Tarantino movie. I do think that the artwork is amazing by Joe Bennett.


I give ‘52’ Week 1: it Start’s   Here


2 out of 5




Signing off Swifty El


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