The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Child of the Sun / by Chris Tang


 Anyone out there grow up in the 80's? If you did, then you may well remember a couple of French-Japanese co-produced animation series that ran during that decade... We've already had one featured here on UKAnifest; “Ulysses 31”.

The other is “The Mysterious Cities of Gold”, an epic adventure set in the 16th Century, which followed a Spanish orphan named Esteban on his quest to find the legendary Cities of Gold, helped by his friends Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro. Travelling in their huge solar powered condor airship, they are on the search for gold and hoping to find Esteban's long-lost father, constantly being pursued by adversaries Gomez and Gaspard.

Here are the opening credits of the original series:

Aired in 28 countries, the series gained many fans, and became a cult classic. Now those fans will be interested to know that there is going to be a new live-action version, coming by way of a series of films, beginning with part one, “Child of the Sun”.

Back in May of this year, during a press conference celebrating the series' 30th anniversary, an official announcement was made, by Bernard Deyriès and Jean Chalopin, the two French creators of the cult series. Jean Chalopin also served as procucer on “Ulysses 31”.

The first teaser trailer for the new film was released recently; it doesn't reveal much really, but shows the title and sets us up for the forthcoming movie.

Here's the teaser...

Official website:

Anyone a fan of the original series? Are you looking forward to a live-action version?