Space Dandy! / by Christopher Gunn

Hello fellow anime fanatics across the pond!  It is I, the Yank named Christopher!  Thanks for having me once again Tobika and UKAnifest!

Now, I would like to discuss a subject of great personal interest to me (and probably anyone reading this).  I am sure I am not alone in saying this, but, “Welcome back Shinichiro Watanabe!”  I know he has not gone anywhere, but let us face it, his last series (Kids On The Slope), although undoubtedly amazing, is worlds apart from what fans expect from the director of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo.

The legendary Cowboy Bebop director has resurfaced with a new, upcoming sci-fi series entitled Space Dandy.  He is once again working with animation powerhouse -and my personal favorite- Studio BONES.  At first though, they released little more than a few character designs and a piece of pinup art.

Well, that was until this past August.  Space Dandy finally decided to show its face on the internets again.  After keeping relatively closed lipped about the series, they have finally decided to release a teaser trailer!  And that is exactly what it does.  It teases.  Tremendously.