Hide your shame for one day only / by shadebug


Have you heard of Qwertee?  They're one of a spate of websites which are popping up where you get the chance to buy a t-shirt for only one day. They all tend to be very much pop culture and geekdom oriented so they tend to have a lot of stuff appearing which any good fanboy should squee at.

They regularly have anime related stuff and I wouldn't normally mention it, except that today they have a lovely Shinjeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan design up (it's on black, and I can't stand black t-shirts but I understand that most people reading this probably have exclusively black wardrobes when not dressed as magical girls, so I'm guessing you'll all be cool with it). This in itself wouldn't be something I would normally mention except that yesterday they had a pretty awesome Totoro design going on.

You'd think that last point would be a non-issue; after all, the designs only last a day. The difference is that Qwertee actually has designs for 48 hours, not 24. The day old design is just a touch more expensive. Which means that both these designs are available at the same time, which I'm thinking suddenly makes it newsworthy. 


As I write this you have 15 hours to get both and 39 hours if you just want the Attack on Titan one. Me, I'm just gutted about it being on black, so I'm off to see what else is on.