Jackie Chan, Singing Superstar / by Chris Tang


Everyone knows that Jackie Chan is kick ass at kung-fu and martial arts. For years he has entertained us with his daredevil skills and lightning reflexes, from classic kung-fu films such as Drunken Master and The Young Master, to the ridiculous stunts of Project A and Armour of God, all the way to the hit US productions of Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon, and back to Hong Kong with the more recent Chinese Zodiac. There seems to be no slowing down for him, as he continues to make these stunt-filled movies, and entertaining action film fans the world over.


It's common knowledge that throughout his film-making career, Jackie has performed his own stunts, and has found himself in some extremely dangerous situations, with countless injuries sustained to his head, limbs and body. He has a permanent hole in his head, blocked with a plastic plug, and has broken numerous bones over the years. He's dislocated his shoulder and pelvis, had teeth kicked out of his mouth and dislocated a cheekbone; the list goes on and on!

This guy is a real action hero!

What some of you might not know though, is that Jackie Chan is also a prolific singer! He's sung more than twenty theme songs for his own films, the first of which was from The Young Master, all the way up to his 2012 film Chinese Zodiac CZ12. He's had many albums, and sang on the Chinese releases of the Walt Disney films Beauty and the Beast and Mulan, and even performed at the closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. He continues to perform to this day.

Check out some of his performances below!

Yu Cai Hua” - Theme From Little Big Soldier”

“Out of Control” ft. Mavis Fan, from The Accidental Spy

Music Video - “Believe In Yourself” (From the Official Beijing Olympics Album)

Music Video - “Make a Man Out of You” (From the Disney movie “Mulan”)