Chrome Browser Theme - Shiina Mayuri / by Alexander Neri


Check out this new theme for Shiina Mayuri from Steins;Gate! With this theme, your daily tutturu meter will always be filled. The theme features her character image, along with a variable background that features the grit and the darker fate that belies her in the Alpha World line. The theme also features the Divergence Value 1.30238%, where her ending, “Stardust Sky”, exists.

The theme was made based on the color palette from the awesome render from kozakuu– which looks like art from the game. I’ve used brushes ‘Cerebral Noise’ by kanonliv and ‘Euphoria’ by ShiftyJ.


  • #757575
  • #b5b5b5
  • #e88212 (Divergence meter)
  • #b3e0ff (Outerglow highlights)


  • Eras
  • Eraslight
  • Kozuka Gothic Pro (For the Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana)
  • Nueva Std: Bold, Condensed (For the text stardust sky)

Hope you enjoy this theme!

Download and Install:

Install via Chrome Webstore (Recommended—allows for auto-update when a theme patch is published) :

Install via DDL from Droplr (This will load a CRX file. Once downloaded, Drag and Drop the file into Chrome to Install) :