My Little Sister can't make a fried Gundam! / by Alexander Neri



So usually imoutos are a dream of every otaku out there‹ especially the 2D ones. But surely anyone who has a real-live sister can attest to the fact that this is not the case, where most of our experiences with our little sisters are more like playing pranks on each other and trying to mess with each other's lives.

One such sister here, well, takes the cake of that definition.

She posts this picture on Halloween of something that looks like a gundam-shaped tempura. But readingIn her tweet she says: I battered up and fried my little brother's precious Gundam. Trick or Treat!!

Goodluck with that, lil' bro. Hope that Gundam plastic won't melt that quickly!

What's the worst prank you've received from a sibling last Halloween?

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