Rurouni Kenshin now on crunchyroll. Why are you still reading this? / by shadebug


Every so often I'll hear a friend who's "into anime" say "I think I'll rewatch Bleach" or something similar that makes me die a little inside. But I quickly run out of alternatives for  said friend without then giving said friend a tutorial on how to do illegal things or how to source out of print DVDs. Then crunchyroll came to my rescue.

This morning I woke up and saw my RSS feed count numbering in the hundreds, which is unusual if I've been paying attention. Then I discovered that it was because the entirety of Rurouni Kenshin (dubbed, media blasters stylee) had appeared overnight for premium subscribers (sorry freeloaders, you'll have to wait until January, which sounds like about when your free trial would expire) along with four subbed episodes with the promise of more subs to come. They even make the subs easier to get to than the dub. This is very exciting stuff.

Rurouni Kenshin is part of the fabric of otaku culture in the way that few things are. It's one of those flags that you're speaking to a connoisseur of the medium instead of just a Naruto fanboy. It's referenced everywhere and is a necessary education for anybody who wants to consider themselves truly versed in the ways of japanimation (or at least in the kind of action anime that we all turn out nose up but secretly love apart from the filler).

More importantly, it's about sword fighting and badassery, so if you like sword-fighting and badassery in old-timey Japan then it really needs to be watched. Just be warned that it runs long and it gets pretty slow in the second half.

So, while you go learn you some animoos, I'm off to see what else is on.