As Razor Ramon might say... / by Steve Russell

..."Hey, Yo."

My name is Steve Russell and I'd like to start with a simple, but much needed and justified, thank you to Tobika for the intro on his site a few days ago! 

In a nutshell: I am originally from Hong Kong, born and raised (and on the playground was where I spent most of my days), before coming out to the UK in late 1999. My upbringing was a wonderful melting pot of cultures, and has been an integral part of how I choose to live my life today. Hong Kong is a truly remarkable point of East meets West. Not versus West, because that would be messy and shitty for everyone involved and no one wants that. 

The main role I'll be filling on this awesome up and coming website will be to write about anything and everything that seems pretty cool or current within geek culture, not just anime or manga. I'm kind've like the Outsider. Which is why I guess I referenced Razor Ramon in the subject header. 

That and wrestling is, obviously, cool. Like bowties.

I've had plenty of writing experience before, having blogged for a few video game websites and whatnot, with highlights such as live blogging whilst attending events like the EA Winter Showcase and Golden Joystick Awards. I look forward to bringing up anything newsworthy or geek approved to your attention in the future, all done of course in my own, unique, way. Whether it's just a little news tidbit, or a full on article or blog about something that's grabbed my attention, I appreciate the platform and the opportunity. 

PS: I'm also a big believer in audience connection, so if you'd like me to look at anything that might pique my interest (please, no more pictures of your junk, Jerry.) then don't hesitate to Tweet me @stevetendo. I look forward to hearing from you manga guys, and anime girls. Or vice versa, of course.