Halo Movie Elisyum Trailer! / by Steve Russell

Neill Blomkamp, writer and director of the critically acclaimed movie District 9, has got his newest flick, Elysium, coming out this August!

If you haven't already seen the trailer that has set the Internet ablaze, if my Twitter feed is anything to go by, then you can scope it here! 

I was a big fan of District 9 and believe that Neill Blomkamp is an amazing talent - don't forget that he was attached to the, then Peter Jackson produced, Halo movie!

After seeing the visual scope of Elysium, it kind've gives you an indication of what Microsoft may have let slip through their fingers, eh?

What strikes me most about this trailer is that it seems to utilise the CGI-trickery as a genuine story telling device, rather than a crutch on which to rest a poorly cobbled together script (looking at you Jack The Giant Slayer). Fingers crossed that this won't be a case of all style, no substance. All this AND we get treated to a bald Matt Damon. So, there's that too.