Would you like a little Spice with that? / by Marian Streeter

Hi All!

My name is Marian, but I’m also known as Spice-chan because of my artist name, AnimeSpice. I’m new to the blogging scene here on UKAnifest and thoroughly excited to get started and to share the deep enigmas of my mind that I hope you find amusing. There’s a go-to phrase that just about every hard-core anime fan agrees with or likes to drop : "Anime is my Life". This is true. I have to say I do love my anime. And it has greatly influenced the direction of my life. I’m an anime artist who at first desired to be a mangaka, or a comic maker, but through the influence of a high school art teacher and the discovery of Dragonball Z, the allure of animation had planted a seed in me. Now after 4 years of college, I can also call myself a professional animator. If you know of Deviantart.com, you can find me lurking around there, posting from time to time. You can also follow me on Facebook.

Quite frankly, I’m American. So unfortunately, my place of residence can not be found on the shores of the UK. But! I hope bring new perspectives and news from afar. It’ll be an interesting experience connecting with readers from across the seas and I do hope my attempts of quirky wittiness and excessive descriptiveness won’t make you gag.

What will I write about? Right! So having become an animator, I like to keep up on the times and review new anime. And since much anime derives from some kind of predecessor, such as a manga, or some kind of historical reference, I like to inform people of the roots. A lot of animation legends such as Miyazaki and Shinichiro along with studios such as Bones, Madhouse, and Toei and today’s popular mangaka like Oda, Kishimoto, and Toriyama are also fun to follow. Oh, and let’s not forget all the wacky stuff being pumped out of Japan. More than enough topics to shake a stick at.

I will also be dipping into asian cinema, cultural trends and other related news more directly associated with asian influence in the UK and the United States.

So that’s it in a nutshell!

Thanks for the opportunity UKAnifest & I’ll see you guys around!