How Appropriate, You Fight Like A Cow! / by Steve Russell

Fun fact about me: I've played Monkey Island once a year since I was about 8. Sure, I've played the sequels and have a soft spot for everyone of them, particularly the art style and pitch perfect voice casting featured within The Curse of Monkey Island, but I always find myself come back to the beginning. 

There's just something so perfect about the blend of adventure, puzzles, humour and piratey pirate-ness that has appealed to me and resonated with me way into my adult life. life. My 'never grow up' take on adult life.  I've played a plethora of other point and click games over the years (past the initial spat of incredibleness that was Lucasarts point and click), but none of them manage to capture the sheer magic that was practically exuding from the Monkey Island games, courtesy of the amazing SCUMM system. 

SO, to read a post by Monkey Island creator, Ron Gilbert, posted recently focusing on what he'd bring to a Monkey Island game, if he were to helm a project today, instantly grabbed my attention. There's some real interesting insights in the write up by Gilbert himself, and it's worth reading for any Lucasarts/Monkey Island/adventure game fan. 

Who better to write about the path such an important game series could potentially take than the creator of the game and, arguably, the genre itself? 

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