An Anime of Titanic Proportions / by Christopher Gunn

I remember receiving a link from a friend not too long ago. The link was a trailer for some crazy anime. I was not sure if it was a movie or a show, but I was sold after watching it. Turns out that show was “Attack on Titan,” based on a light novel and manga series named "*Shingeki no Kyojin." *

I have been hearing a lot of buzz on this show lately, seeing things posted about it in different places. Everything I have seen has been total praise for this show. I have been seeing more and more about it this week for some reason, so finally, I said, ‘What the hell?”

I just finished watching the first episode of this series. After seeing the initial action sequence, I remembered I was eager to watch this anime. Even the few minutes leading up to this action sequence were enough to catch my attention.

I have to say, this show seems like a breath of fresh air. A retreat from the cookie cutter, “get strong, fight strongest villain, defeat said villain, then discover there’s a more powerful villain” cycle. This story appears to be much deeper, and more allegorical.

The character designs are some of the best I have seen in a while, basing this mostly on the supporting/background characters. The main characters, so far, look nice as well. As they may be semi-stereotypical characters, their appearances are still stylistically cleverer than many characters I have seen recently.

The animation in the series is spectacular. Even though I have only seen the first episode (~24 minutes), I feel as though I watched an entire movie. That is not to say it drug out or was long-winded. It was simply that engaging. The quality of this show is real. Now I know why everyone has been talking about this show.

The story is set in a fictional kingdom and seems to be one of sci-fantasy. The main character is a young boy named Eren. A quiet girl named Mikasa (who is apparently the badass) accompanies him. They live in a kingdom surrounded by 50-meter tall walls, built to protect them from the “titans.” Oddly, most of these “titans” are naked, 20-foot tall humanoids roaming the area around the kingdom. Oh yeah, they eat people.

The main action sequence of this episode is fantastic. It is highly original and all around awesome. The warriors are cavalry with these crazy grappling hook machines attached to them (Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear). The grappling hooks blast out ahead of the people, sinking hooks into whatever they can grab, and then launch the person at ridiculous speeds towards the enemy. Lots of flips and flashy maneuvers ensue. The animation in this show is amazing.

So back to the kid, Eren, who wants to join the military. He is hot-tempered and fearless. After giving the guards grief about drinking on the job, he heads home to find his father leaving. I will not give y’all the play-by-play, but after this scene, a “titan” that is taller than the outermost wall (50 meters), appears in a flash of lightning and kicks a hole into the wall, allowing the smaller “titans” to enter the city.

I am sold. I will not watch any more episodes though until the release of the entire series as a set. When I find shows I really like, I like to get the entire series and marathon it if possible. This anime should prove to be entertaining, though, from beginning to end. I for one look forward to seeing it in its entirety.

Here's a link to the first episode on Crunchyroll: CLICK HERE