Greetings World... / by UKAnifest

Greetings world, I am grateful to be given a chance to join UKAnifest that shares the same passion I have for anime. I came from Malaysia and has been actively participating in anime events here at my home town, the cat city "Kuching". The reason why we locals refer to it as 'the cat city' is because of the iconic cat statue located in the middle of the city.

In recent years, my friends and I are trying to spread the passion for anime throughout the city by running gatherings and a club-based maid cafe named "Versailles Maid Cafe". I play the role of the head maid who manages the rest of the maids. Since it is the cafe's policy never to disclose personal information, hence, I go by the stage name of "Karin". A facebook page could be found in relations to the cafe.

I would like to thank Tobika for this rare opportunity to share my knowledge and thoughts of Asian cultures with the world! It is truely an honour. I love the Japanese culture despite being a Chinese myself but it does not mean I prefer one over the other. I am mainly interested in Japanese animations and the Jrock scene. I do hope to meet for Japanese culture fans here and I wish every success for UKAnifest!