My Little Writer Can't be This Active / by Alexander Neri

Hi guys!

From here on I'll be joining the UK Anifest blogging team. I'm Alex, from the Philippines. I've been an avid fan of all things anime and Japanese, and have been writing and sharing about it since 2009. Most of the stuff I'm writing about will be from the current airing season in Japan which I access via simulcasts from Crunchyroll, or via downloads from your friendly neighbourhood sub group. Topics can be ranging from the mundane like what is my favourite character out of the season, or to something challenging like the perspectives of anime translation and localization. Or even what is my favourite cat photo from the internet.

Sometimes you might see some posts or comments about Kanjis or Japanese expressions on the net-this is just because I'm currently enrolled in a Japanese language course myself. I'm not on a professional level yet though, my mind usually gets stuck when actually implementing what I learned into practice or in an actual conversation! ^^;

So yep, that's it for now. The next time I'll be posting, it'll be sharing stuff. I'm also open for comments, suggestions, and even stuff you can share with me so I can have a look to it. You can find me loitering around in the internet, but the fastest way to get to me is via twitter, @DotCrosse.

So, see you guys around!