The New Guy From Across The Pond / by Christopher Gunn

Hello Earth People!

My name is Christopher Gunn. I would first like to express my gratitude for being given the opportunity to spread my madness to a whole other country. Yes, I’ll admit it, I am a Yank. Don’t be alarmed though, because I barely fit in here, so I’m suppose that means I’m not a “typical” Yank. And then sometimes, I guess I am... Anyways!

My fascination with our Asian kin started at an early age. I believe I have to give total credit to Katsuhiro Otomo and Akira. I saw it on TV one morning at about 3:00 (am) when I was nine-ish years old. I saw an animated cartoon with more action and better animation than anything I had ever seen before. And it was longer than 30 minutes. And people were getting killed. I was sold.

From there I moved into JRPG’s on the SNES home console and watched every piece of animation I could get my hands on from Japan, which was ridiculously called Japanimation back then. That one might show my age. Fist of the North Star, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell and Vampire Hunter D (and of course Akira) are probably the five most influential movies for me in my long and extensive history with anime. Of course Dragon Ball Z was one of the first episodic shows I was exposed to. I also hold a very fond place in my heart for the anime of the 90’s, god bless ‘em (Cowboy Bebop is the best show ever made. Prove me wrong! lol). I still try and keep up with as many new series’ as I can afford, but in a way, I suppose I have gotten a bit picky as to what I’ll watch. My time has become limited as of late.

I also agree with another of the writers here at UKAnifest, Steve Russell, in his thought pattern about titles being earned, not given. With that being said, I am a “wannabe” screenwriter and a gensakusha (原作者), a writer who passes my stories to a “manga” artist for completion. Right now I am hip deep in working on my current project. While I do live in the southern part of the US, my artist is a guy from Chile. I found him on and we have been working together ever since, going on two years now. We’ll have a site up soon and all of that good stuff.

So, yes. Anime, JRPG’s, 2D fighting games, anime action figures, Gundam models, Japanese punk music, and crazy Asian haircuts. Asian cinema, period. It’s on the rise! Japanese history, past and modern culture, and mythology are all pretty interesting to me as well.

Thanks for your time so far, and I appreciate any time given in the future. I hope I can entertain y’all (told you I was from “The South” lol) as much as you entertain me... Yeah.

‘Til next time!