New Titles 'Trigger-ed' in 2013 / by Marian Streeter

If you haven’t seen "Little Witch Academia", jump on the bandwagon because you’re missing out! This 2013 film is beautiful, not only for its lovely color scheme, but also for its amazingly fluid, dynamic and creative animation.

It’s about a young girl, Akko Kagari, who is awed by an exuberant and dazzling childhood hero named Shiny Chariot that inspires her to become an amazing witch like her someday. While attending the academy, Akko has a great desire to prove herself and her skills (though she needs more practice with...well just about everything in the spell book), especially to a more advanced and skillful rival of hers. All she needs is her chance to shine. Everything seems to be looking up one day when her class is assigned an exciting treasure hunt for rare items in an old dungeon tower, that is until her, her friends, Lotte and Sucy, and practically everyone in the entire school is in danger. Will Akko be able to save the day? That’s for you to find out.

The film is only about 26 minutes long, (too short if you ask me) which has people asking if this is some sort of a new series coming out and when the next episode will be released. But it’s not. Alas, it’s only a short, but despite that fact, the film moves and transitions quite nicely without feeling rushed. In a matter of minutes, the viewer can already find him or herself sucked into the world of LWA (Little Witch Academia) very easily and effortlessly. All respect for the director and creator, Yoh Yoshinari for his work on this along with writer, Masahiko Otsuka and the rest of Trigger. LWA was made for Anime Mirai 2013 and was released to theaters at the beginning of March 2013. It was later streamed by Trigger on Youtube with English subtitles. See the full youtube video at the bottom!

For those who don’t know, Trigger is a newer company/studio founded on August 22, 2011 by Hiro Imaishi and Masahiko Otsuka, former employees of Gainax studio. Right now, the studio is putting together its next big animation production, this time it being an anime series by the name of “Kill la Kill” Concepts are below. The website for it is now up at Kill La Kill.


Excited?! Watch the full video of Little Witch Academia...

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