Sympathy for the Devil: Fall of the Mourning Star / by Christopher Gunn

Hello fellow otaku across the pond!  It is me again, Christopher Gunn, the mad American (who is soon to be Canadian)!  First, I must apologize for my lengthy absence.  I have found an incredible community here at UK Anifest, both among my fellow bloggers and the folks who pay heed to what we say. I’m glad to be back!

There is, however, a great reason for my prolonged lack of presence.  I have been vigorously pursuing my goal as a writer of OEL manga.  MY OEL manga to be specific.  Not sure what that title would be other than “gensakusha,” only I am not Japanese… Yet.

We now have the first six pages completed, and posted on the Kickstarter campaign page.

We have plenty of other artwork there too, both on the page and in the video.  What is the story about?  I suppose it would certainly do me well to explain that.  Right then…

So the name of my story is “Sympathy for the Devil: Fall of the Mourning Star,” and while the name indicates “religious,” I can assure you it is not.  Yes, the story’s bones come from the Christian biblical “war in heaven.”  However, that is where it ends, other than some of the names and such.  My take is a very secular, science fiction-centric version of the briefly described story.

“The story utilizes the similarity of lifestyles (and alleged lifestyles) of servitude between samurai and angels. It also paints a picture of the “human” elements and emotions involved in a war of this magnitude.  While it is an action-driven story that does not mean the gravity of the plot will suffer.  The story reaches into the deepest darkness of the human spirit, but also demonstrates the capability hidden in every individual to do and be more than what one believes possible.  The action and battles take a nod from the early Sengoku Period of Japan (warring-states period), in that, there are no firearms, many characters adhere to the bushido (way of the warrior), and that hundreds of thousands of soldiers are mobilized at any given time.”

Source: Kickstarter


There is a ton more information on the Kickstarter campaign page if you would be so amazing as to jump over and check that out.  This is just the first 60-page webmanga in a planned series.  This book is the jump off point, the “inciting incident.”


I promise fans of manga and anime alike will be happy to see what we do.  I think the rewards are rad too, so check out each benchmark, please.  We are even offering an opportunity to become part of the manga! Lol


Well thanks again for this incredible opportunity UK Anifest, and thank YOU UKA readers!  You people make it happen!  Therefore, here is one of the pages and I certainly hope to hear from anyone willing to talk about this! Thanks again!