What's on a fangirl watch list? / by UKAnifest

Are you curious to know what fangirls are watching recently?

Well, of course it's Uta no Prince Sama (season 2)! More hotties and music to rock your socks off for fangirls mostly. Hahaha. For those who do not know about the series, it is an anime adaptation of a popular Japanese visual novel/otome game.

Nanami is an average girl attending Saotome Academy with a dream to become the world's best composer. She meets various potential idols (members of Starish) along her course of study. In the game, players are able to choose between the potential idols to fall in love with. Best of all, each character has his own story to follow. I just love the dramatic change in the game. For example: Shinomiya holds a secret that nobody except for his childhood friend Syo knows. His personality changes from a bright and cheerful man to a rough lady killer when he takes off his glasses.

In this season of the anime, Starish is now stepping into the professional world. Constantly being challenge by other idols in the entertainment world, Starish strive hard to be on the top. New dance move, new characters, and new surprises ahead. I love the new characters, they are known as a veteran idol group "Quartet Night". I like Kurosaki Ranmaru so much. He's my type, rock on!

To all the girls out there, this is a highly recommended series to watch. Lots of music and dancing AND most importantly............. bishies!