Collassal Titan Revolution / by UKAnifest

Today in Asia, Shingeki no Kyojin a.k.a. "Attack on Titan" is currently a big hit!

The manga was released back in 2009 and the anime series adaptation is currently running. Every where I go, I hear fans making parody of the series or taking pictures mimicking the famous "Collossal Titan", 60 meters tall giant.


 Synopsis: Giants known as the Kyojin are attacking/eating humans for some unknown reasons. Humans live in a capital with 3 layers of tall walls and developed 3-D maneuver gears to move swiftly in open space to fight the titans. The only way to defeat the titan is by  an incision on the base of the neck. A soldier name Eren discovered an ability to transformed into a Titan at will when while fighting along in the military force. More mystery of the titans are yet to be discover.


 Massive gore are seen in the manga but scales down in the anime. I was utterly shock when I first saw the manga. It is an unsual series with unique storyline. Highly recommended for it's epic storyline and artwork!