#ridleyville ?? / by UKAnifest

Hi Civilians, 

 As @ukanifest , we have always said... we love film and with that sweeping statement we are proud to announce that we are bringing #ridleyville to #LFCC - London Film & Comic Con. 


 We are lovers of everything asian related but blade runner has that type of feel (even Total Recall copied the amazing tokyo-esq themed scenes) of something that was taken from a anime. Now we are bring one of the biggest collectors of memorabilia to #LFCC to showcase what amazing goodies they have to feel, look and wonder at.

We are so pleased that we could make this happen... so come along say hi and take pictures!! 

Here is the sticky... 

 "Welcome to Ridleyville, the home of a collector and fan of all things Blade runner. I have been collecting Blade Runner memorabilia for the last 16 years. It all seems to of started after I bought the large box VHS version of Blade Runner. I had obviously seen the film but it was the urge to take another look at the film because every time I watched it I found something new. It absolutely fascinates me, I still find the final sequence emotional. I feel that I have made many friends and acquaintances in my search for collectable items, some from the film itself and others from my trip to LA to collect Zhoras costume. I also get involved with the Blade Runner online community and take a ventured interest in showcasing all memorabilia in all its glory."


So comment on showmasters forum, hashtag #ridleyville on twitter and come join us in celebrating the masterpiece in a live convention!!!