What To Watch: Love Lab / by shadebug


I had been worried about the state of High School Girl anime this season, mostly because of how much weight Crunchyroll seemed to be putting behind Going Home Club. It's not a bad show but it's not good either, it has all the elements to be good but just doesn't manage to pull them off. What you, the anime loving populous, deserve is something better and that something is Love Lab.

Love Lab follows a student council that, to spoil the first episode, researches love. Now, you would think that this would make for some romantic comedy or maybe some fan service but it does nothing of the sort. They are researching love entirely academically, like some sort of anthropological study done from the British Museum by people watching re-runs of The Lone Ranger. 

What they end up doing is having some hilarious times perfecting every useless romantic trope in the book. You'd think that that wouldn't work but they manage to pull together a great roster of distinct and interesting charters and they become everything you could ever want from this kind of thing.

So, if you want high school antics and KinMoza is too disjointed and pointless for you then give Love Lab a go.

Now, at this point I'd normally explain how Love Lab isn't available in the UK and I'd hit the KCTT tag, except that we finally have some good news. It's coming to Crunchyroll as of episode 9 (8 is the most recently aired ep so not long to wait), though hopefully that means that the rest of the season will be made available too because it'll make no sense otherwise.

While we wait, I'm off to see what else is on. 

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