Doctor What? / by Steve Russell


This is one for all you Whovians out there.

A few days ago the official Doctor Who Tumblr account posted a couple of photos of Number 11, Matt Smith, in a number of potential costume options for his character before they decided to go the way of the now ever popular bow tie. (Fun fact: the bow tie was Matt Smith's idea) 

It's always interesting to me to see the Behind The Scenes process for projects I care about. As someone who wants to Write/Direct for a living (@FirstDateUk, coming soon by the way)  it's a strange relationship that I have with this dynamic, this 'peeking behind the curtain', effectively seeing Oz. 


Take this get up. Sure, it's snazzy; if you're idea of fashionable is plucked, unoriginally, straight from the pages of GQ magazine. How boring. 

I'm stoked they ended up going with what they did. With the way Matt Smith plays the character, any other wardrobe decision would have seemed to bland. But a bow tie and fez? That's a great way to deliver character aspects without even saying a word, and just adds to the charm that Matt Smith brought to The Doctor.

Damn, I'm gonna miss him and the wonderful darkness he incorporated by the end of the most recent season. 

You can scope out all the potential costume choices but hitting the jump here, and don't forget to sound off in the comments section. Are you a Whovian? Any of the potential choices that you actually prefer?! Let me know! 

Steve Russell // @stevetendo