You want digital manga? Have some digital manga / by shadebug


I spend a lot of time bitching and moaning about digital downloads of anime not being available, but it would seem that I've been neglecting to mention that fact that for the past few months now we've been well served in the manga department because Weekly Shonen Jump, the big boss of all manga, is available on your iOS device. The news is that it's now also available on your Android device. There's even a taster issue in there to whet you're appetite.

At this point I should give you fair warning, proper manga publications like Weekly Shonen Jump are huge. They're like telephone books so don't expect it to in any way make you more productive. Also, it will spoil the hell out of half the anime you watch (or just be confusing if the anime's deviated from source).

Of course, it's Shonen Jump so it is very much the sort of made-for-boys stuff that we love to hate like Naruto and the rest of the long runners, but it also has some great new stuff as well as some classics in there too. From a more fundamental point of view, it's great to see UK manga fans getting the opportunity to be able to pay for the manga they love in the moment and if we hope and pray we might just see some more interesting stuff getting the same treatment.

Not that it matters to me because I don't actually read manga so I'm off to see what else is on.