January's a long time to wait for Space Dandy / by shadebug


ANN have been on something of a trailer finding spree the past few days – including some for Funimation dubs that we can't watch in the UK anyway – but one that we can watch in the UK and that has me rather excited is the trailer for Space Dandy (which is totally in English).

I would give you a run down of what Space Dandy is – something about his mission to seek out new life and new civilisations and to boldly go where no man has gone before – but I think the trailer itself explains it far better than I ever could.

So this has me excited for a few reasons: 

  1. It's in good hands.
    You know how Cowboy Beebop and Samurai Champloo are the shiznat? This is made by the same guy.
  2. Kicking it old skool.
    Sometimes you wanna sit down and watch something old and ridiculous from before anime thought that cartoons were srs bznz. The problem is that when you sit down and watch an awesome show like Irresponsible Captain Tylor , you suddenly start appreciating how much animation has moved on since then. That's why it's such a joy when show's like Cobra come along to rekindle that nostalgia for a time when I wasn't yet alive so shouldn't care about. And this should be no different.
  3. Anime original. 
    Some people will tell you that something starting life as an anime is dubious. Those people obviously haven't been paying attention to the awesome things that have come from places like Anime no Chikara and Anime Mirai. Not having manga or novels to bow to means that you don't have fans bitching about it not being true to the source material, let alone spoiling it for you. It also means that Bones, wonderful studio that they are, won't have a chance to make the anime before the manga's finished and end up just making up a new story halfway through.

So it looks like the new year will have at least one awesome show to look forward to. 

Until then, I'm off to see what else is on.


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