What to Watch: Danganronpa / by shadebug


You would think that the Battle Royale was a genre that had had its day with, well, Battle Royale Somehow, though, anime keeps showing up with what should be a tired formula, but they also keep finding awesome twists.

This time round is the turn of Danganronpa: The Animation  Equal parts Battle Royale, Agatha Christie series and Phoenix Wright game and it's brought to you by the same people that helmed Persona 4. If that's already enough for you then stop reading and just watch it.

If you absolutely must have a bit of spoiler so you know what you're going into:

15 of the nation's most gifted students are selected to enrol in a prestigious high school. As it turns out the school is, in fact, run by a manic black and white stuffed bear who has set them one rule for graduating: kill another student without getting caught.

So you can see how the Battle Royale and Agatha Christie elements happen. The real fun (or not if you're not like me) is when a student is found dead and their fellows convene to debate who the murderer is. If they come to a conclusion and they're right, the murderer is executed. If they come to a conclusion and it's wrong, the murderer graduates and everybody else is executed.

The characters are a lot of fun, the animation is very self aware and the violence is brutal when it wants to be. If you're up for that then this article's over so go watch some. Unless, of course, you live in the UK where I can't find a legal way to watch it (sorry to anybody that clicked the link), so have fun trying to find a way round that.

Me? I'm off to see what else is on.