What To Watch: Gin No Saji/Silver Spoon / by shadebug


Whenever I'm interviewed for a job I always trot out a line about my great love of learning. For that reason I always like it when a show ends up teaching me something. Tsuritama taught me the right timing for effective fly-fishing, Yakitate! Japan! taught me how to bake everything ever and Sakamichi no Apollon taught me the history of jazz. They're shows that, outside of trying to tell a great story, immerse themselves in a subject or a lifestyle that the writers have taken great pains to understand and get right.

This season's addition to those is Gin no Saji. This is very much a fish out of water story about a big city schoolboy who decides to go to a farming high school so he can better concentrate on preparing for university. As it turns out, farming school doesn't just mean that the academics are easier, it also means you have to work in farming and this farm is some sort of insane agropolis.

Not only is he having to learn the little facts of everyday farming life, like what 5am looks like and what a cloaca is, but he's realising that the farmers around him are very good at what they do and, as much as he may excel academically elsewhere, he's got a long way to catch up when it comes to their strengths.

So far it's been a fun ride with lots of distinct and enjoyable characters making for a fantastic twist on what could've been just another high school anime.

Which is about it from me. I'm off to see what else is on.

P.S. Yes, it is so difficult to watch Yakitate! legally in the UK that I had to post a link to the manga (which is in short supply).