Time for some old-yet-new skool gaming with Mighty No. 9 (In 18 months) / by shadebug


It would seem that Keiji Inafune (one of the masterminds behind the original Megaman) and his team (the rest of the masterminds behind the original Megaman) have been ruffling some feathers over at PAX. And by ruffling feathers I mean getting those feathers very excited about their new project, giving them free stuff and announcing a KickStarter which launched yesterday. Say whaaaaaaaat?

Head straight to the KickStarter or just watch that video to learn more but it looks to be what Megaman would've been if the computing power of the day had allowed it. It's also managed to get a third of its funding in under a day so I'd say we're all set for it to hit the stretch goal I'm worried about, Mac/Linux versions. 

Clearly the project is in good hands, Humble Indie Bundle are very good at getting games into people's faces and, most importantly, they've got the person who made the original soundtrack to Megaman on board (also known as the best soundtrack evar). I probably shouldn't be excited by yet another shameless tug at our nostalgic gamer heartstrings, but apparently I'm an idiot. 

So you do what you will with this news, I'm off to see what else is on. 


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