Dareka no Manazashi, possibly the pleasantest thing you'll see this week / by shadebug

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If you've got seven minutes to spare and you're in the mood for something thoroughly lovely, there are worse ways to spend those minutes than watching Dareka no Manazashi, the official YouTube stream of which now has English subs if you turn the captions on (albeit kinda ropey ones).

This is a little parable about becoming an adult and no longer needing your old home as created by Makoto Shinkai of 5 Centimetres per Second. The internet tells me that it was aired at some sort of real estate expo so I had been expecting some good ol' fashioned corporate shill anime, but actually it's just straight up heartstringy short film, albeit bookended by a woman in a field of flowers being all PROUD and that.

The thing I really like about this is that I had tried watching it last week when it first went up on YouTube but back then it wasn't subbed so I was relying on YouTube to auto-sub it and then auto-translate those subs. It was a very different story.  Then this morning I saw that less-than-legitimate download sites had it with English subs so I was excited, but then I saw that the official stream already had subs, and that's just fab. These kinds of little gems are always hard to come by (though this particular one aired with Shinkai's latest full length film, The Garden of Words, so it was likely to filter down eventually) so it's nice to see them going up in legal ways.

What are you waiting for? All this time reading me prattle on you could've been watching it. 

While you do that, I'm off to see what else is on. 


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