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 We have pre-ordered our copy and we suggest you do the same!! Toby Russell has been in the kung fu industry for many years having directed some of the greats and also with a wealth of knowledge in the industry he now produces this book. The art of vengeance, a collection of retro Hong Kong and Taiwanese martial arts posters from 1970 - 1980 these posters are so rare that the price for each poster is priceless so head over to hate-media and pre order you copy NOW!!!

The Sticky

" For the first time a collection of Retro (original) Hong Kong & Taiwanese martial arts posters from 1970-1980 featuring the art of award winning Taiwanese artist Chen Ze Fu and Hong Kong artists Wong Kam & Yuen Tai Yung and many others. Many of the posters are photographic images based and featured by big stars like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Gordon Liu, Hwang Jang Lee and Wang Yu.

Martial art movies from Hong Kong and Taiwan have had a very big influence on todays popular culture. This book will take the reader on a journey of Kung fu and swordplay history form 1970 to 1980 capturing the ever changing styles in movie making and the posters themselves. A printed compendium of these rare, exciting and beautiful posters is long overdue. "


The Art of Vengeance: A Pictorial Journey of Kung Fu Movie Posters 1970-80, Vol.1”  is a 200 page high quality all colour printed by GRAFOS Press. GRAFOS Press prints art books for the Tate Gallery, London. 

There is only 1000 copies being printed and they are all numbered. The book will be available for purchase November 2013 at £24 per copy + shipping, so pre-order you copy today and don'd delay...

Links: Hate-Media / Toby Russell