Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) to finish in 20 volumes / by shadebug


As we all steel ourselves for the final climactic episode of everybody's favourite tale of giant shanking, rumour has it that its famously nutbar author has an end point in sight and it isn't all that far off. 

I'm a bit reticent to post this because I don't know Japanese so I can't be entirely certain that Google Translate is dealing with the source right but according to Koi-Nya (which is in Spanish, and I can read), Shingeki no Kyojin will have finished its run after 20 volumes. 

To put this in perspective: If I'm reading things right, the anime is about to finish on a big ol' cliff hanger of 25 episodes and that represents 8 volumes of the manga. In comparison, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood took 64 episodes to burn through 27 volumes of manga and Death Note spent 37 episodes on 12 Volumes; whereas One Piece has been rocking 71 volumes and over 600 episodes.

If this turns out to be true (both with regards to me having read the sources right and with Hajime Isayama actually managing to keep to his goal)  then I'm a happy man. There was a real danger with this that it would be too popular and we'd end up with a long runner. Hell, Death Note finished far quicker than this and most people agree that it jumped the shark halfway through.

So what do we think? Any Bakuman fans out there rejoicing at a series not going past its prime? Anybody who wants this to become the new long runner and stay around for ever and ever and ever? Will Isayama cave to the monies and just keep going forever? Will the studios pull a Naruto/Dragonball GT and just keep animating a show they have no source for?  Anybody know Japanese and can confirm?

You guys let me know while I go see what else is on. 


Update 26-09-2013: ANN has provided a second source so it looks like this one's confirmed. Apparently it was an interview in a martial arts magazine where he spilled the beans verifiably.  I'm told the video has nothing to do with this but I'm leaving it up because it's a nice bit of insight into what makes the manga happen (if you know Japanese).