Could you Irish up this coffee please? / by Mark Egan

Hello, Hei, Dia Duit and Ni Hao to you all!! :D

My name is Mark (sometimes also known online as 'Rawr') and I am genuinely very excited to join the crew here at UKAnifest! I hope to do my level-best to provide you with blog posts that you will find both fun and informative. I come to you as both a massive fan of Anime, and as a wannabe web-manga artist who's been spending the past few years putting together some tales of his own making. I love storytelling, and I am delighted when a story is told well, which is probably why I enjoy Anime so much.

As a person I am a bit of an oddball really. As well as a being a web-cartoonist who focuses on a Japanese style, I am an Irish ex-pat who lives in often cold & snowy Norway. This combined with a stint as an English Teacher in China has given me a weird and wonderful view of the world, which has in a way flavored my 'Irish-ness' and has never really left me :) I truly hope that my odd-ball Irish sense of humor won't put you off, and that you'll enjoy what I'll try to bring to the table. When I'm not doing my day job or blogging here, I am also producing my own range of web-manga. For the bast 10 years now, I have been sharpening my skills and drawing like crazy in the hope creating a work that is good enough for print publication. If you are at all curious about what I do there, just search up the phrase 'rawrtacular' and you will find my web-manga. I have had a blast producing them, and I honestly hope you enjoy too :)

What will I blog about? Hmm...Many things I hope. I am very much a child of the 1980s and fan of space operas, so you're probably going to see me writing about plenty of retro anime as well anything to so with space, mecha or the destopian future that always seems to be just one war away! I'm also concerned about the state of the industry as a whole, and I will sometimes look at the difficulties that people working in manga/anime often face. Occasionally, I may even write from the perspective of a web-cartoonist who is also trying to break into publishing manga himself. All the while, I will try to make it light, fun and all-in-all a good read!

To wrap up, I would like to thank UKAnifest so much for having me on-board, and I am really looking forward to blogging here!