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Hi Civilians,

 I have loved appleseed from the first time i saw the 2004 animated film. Manga entertainment has now released the complete series collection and I am so happy i cannot contain myself. While I know the appleseed universe, I am interested to see where this story will take us. This has been a lucrative franchise and I hope this series does it justice...


The sticky

The 5th World War II was a global conflict in which various nations fought bitterly against each other and as the world population halved - What remained is a completely destroyed planet and a city - state called "Olympus ", the peace is to defend it at all costs ! Olympus is a futuristic metropolis, ruled by the powerful artificial intelligence " Gaia " and is administered by genetically modified , humanoid " bioroids " . At first glance, everything seems peaceful, but appearances are deceptive and lots of racial, religious and political conflicts threaten the peace of the city. The young Deunan is is Special Agent and together with the experienced cyborg soldier Briareos part of the elite unit ESWAT that will protect Olympus and used everywhere where dangers lurk . Conspiracy , terrorism , destructive weapons technology , greedy corporations and power-hungry politicians - again , the two must fight against these and other threats to secure the peace of Olympus . But there is really no other place worth living on the otherwise completely devastated earth? Deunan and Briareos not want to give up the search.

As exciting as the description of the series may sound, I was not really convinced, how can anything live up to the amazing movies!! The beginning started on a high with some nice action sequences but further into the series the stories of the individual episodes are not necessarily associated with great entertainment value. This box set lacks a common thread that links the episodes together and it is virtually thrown into cold water. The fourth episode for example seems to be completely out of storyline... a story of a little girl and a robot?  we have been watching this for three episodes!!!

If even a little jealousy and relationship drama between the two main characters Deunan and Briareos (if you're the franchise itself did not know ) have just met , is then a hard sell between so viewers as followers are sure to be overwhelmed rather than empathize with the two . Anyway you do not really learn much in the first episode about the background or history of the characters, more than short fragments in the form of small flashbacks you do not get to see .


Content & Design

On the DVD are the first four of 13 episodes , each a 10 - minute behind the scenes extra for each episode , which actually were made by one other production studio , as well as a couple of trailers for other Manga Ent itles.

Image quality , sync and subtitles

Since the series was broadcast only two years in Japan, we can look forward to a clear, sharp image in 16:9 format with the DVD. The animation quality, which is initially very unfamiliar and strange due to the characters being represented in the CGI look but it looks like they rushed the CGI which sometimes looks rather cheap. Especially the movements of the characters are sometimes wooden and look very stiff. Even the facial expressions is not always particularly expressive , which is disturbing  especially in more emotional moments . The backgrounds and locations in the series are drawn by hand and they look very good but do not always harmonize with the CGI models.

Also on the subtitles, the timing is perfect and spelling mistakes are not noticed.



I've seen so far both Appleseed movies and was therefore very excited to see what they will offer us here with the 13- part series . Unfortunately, I am not really convinced of this , be it story or animation technology . Especially unusual look of the CGI characters could put some people off the series and  get into the animated films.

 Fans of the Appleseed universe may be happy about this release and will not hesitate to purchase this box set if they want to see more of Deunan and Co.  I, would rather watch the films as they remain special in my heart due to story and the animation being very good on the previous films.


3/5 Stars



APPLESEED XIII Complete Series Collection Blu-ray
Starring Kouichi Yamadera, Hiro Shimono, Deunan Knotts, Jouji Nakata, Ami Koshimizu