Ghibli + Steelbook = Your paycheque ruined / by shadebug


I've waxed as poetic as I get about Ghibli before so I'll just leave you with the news that Steelbook BluRay/DVD combos of Howl's Moving Castle, Nausicaa, Totoro and Ponyo will be coming out on the 25th of November and they're available for preorder for under £20 each.

"What's a Steelbook?" you ask? Why, it's a case which is metal. You remember all those special edition DVDs you bought that ere in a cardboard box instead of a plastic one so they fell apart within a week? Yeah, they're going to look like crap next to these bad boys. 

Now the question is, do you pre-order them right the hell now or do you hope they'll get even cheaper when it's released on Black Friday week? Oh, what a terrible life you lead to be faced with such decisions.