Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No Its... / by Swifty EL

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Hay People of inter-web… 

I’m Swifty EL from Essex  but born and raised in East London (I am Not an Essex Boy). I will be joining UKAnifest blogging team in my mission to share my passions, my opinions and thoughts on comic book, shows, movies and other related products.

I’ve been reading comic books best part of my life of 29 + years and to be honest my thoughts are generally lost after a few days past so this is one of the reasons why I want to blog, review and air my thoughts, But over all just have FUN.

I’ve never really tried to do this type of thing before other than talk with friends or family/the Wife about it but  they always end up saying ‘’your to geeky for me’’ or ‘’SHUT UP’’ So when I got the invite to blog on UKAnifest I jumped at the chance. I’m not gonna bore you to much or go into depth on my background or history I will just inform you that I will give my honest opinion to each one of my reviews.

This looks like a job for Superman!

Signing off... Swifty El