Growing anime lovers in Malaysia / by UKAnifest

10 years ago, anime lovers aren't as common as it is today in Malaysia. Back then, majority of local populations are not aware of the existence of cosplayers, maid cafe, and deem anime lovers as weird. But today, it is common to see cosplayers lurking around the cities across Malaysia from Peninsula Malaysia to Sabah and Sarawak.

Recently, there has been a various events held for anime lovers to gather and enjoy themselves. Comparing to previous years, such events are growing in popularity especially among teenagers. I myself have attended 3 events within these few months while travelling within Malaysia. 2 small scale event was held in Kuching, Sarawak  on  July and August by 2 different organisations namely, Kyanime! and Anime Gathering Cosplay and ball jointed dolls were on showcase along with GUNDAMs and Vanguard cardfight! card games.

Photo showing a band performing in Animangaki at Kuala Lumpur.

Photo showing a band performing in Animangaki at Kuala Lumpur.

Last month, I've travelled to Kuala Lumpur to attend another event namely "Animangaki" held at Sunway Piramid. VIPs from Japan were invited to join the event including Asian public figure Danny Choo who founded Mirai Corporation in Japan. The place was crowded with people and it was extremely successful. I am happy to see this industry budding in Malaysia, I always hope some day such event will keep on growing bigger one after another.

On 6th-8th September, another event will held at Indonesia, "AFAID 2013". Special guests include the famous cosplayer "Kaname" from Japan, singer Takanori Nishikawa of "T.M.Revolution" (Japanese rock band), Japanese voice actress Aya Hirano, and many more.


News on future event: On October 27th, Anime Gathering will be holding their annual dinner at Kuching, Sarawak which is open to the mass public (entrance tickets are currently on sale). The aim of this event is to gather all anime lovers under one roof to share interest towards anime and to spread the culture all around. It has been announced earlier that this year would be a halloween theme. A line up of programs has been confirmed including band performances, Japanese fashion show, cosplay award, lucky draws, games and karaoke sessions. More booth wil be on display for merchandise purchases this year... The concept, a dinner with performances and booth displays outside the dining hall.