Whatever you're doing can't possibly be as important as Mysterious Cities of Gold news / by shadebug


I have to apologise profusely for not getting this news to you earlier but it turns out that there is currently a KickStarter running to fund getting the new Mysterious Cities of Gold game cross platform and into languages that people who have left school can speak. In fact, I've missed the boat so hard that it's already hit funding and all you're paying for now is stretch goals and a copy of a game which, at the very least, can be guaranteed to have an awesome theme tune. The best theme tune.

For the uninitiated, Mysterious Cities of Gold was a cartoon that happened in the 80s when somebody realised that they could make the most racist thing of all time if they got a French and a Japanese animation studio together to start making up South American legends and throwing around giant gold robots in for some reason. It's the reason an entire generation of us love us some animus.

My real problem with all this is: Why the hell was I not informed that there's been a new series of Mysterious Cities of Gold running for the best part of a year? This is stuff we need to be informed of. And no, it's not a problem that Studio Pierrot is no longer involved and it's now purely a French production. The French make good cartoons, they're allowed that. 

I'm extremely bitter about all of this. 

Oh well, until I figure out how the hell you go about watching French TV shows, I'm off to see what else is on.