Princess Mononoke = Wolf Girl / by UKAnifest


Hi Civilians, 

 We have just been informed that wolf girl (the princess mononoke fan film) has started their kickstarter appeal to get the new live action adventure in cinematic quality made by loving fans. A fairytale of wondrous creatures in a world inspired by Studio Ghibli.




" We want to make you a live action cinematic fan film inspired by the wonderful Studio Ghibli masterpiece Princess Mononoke.

Imagine the world, 600 hundred years after the events of Princess Mononoke: The forests have regrown and cities have been rebuilt but the new balance between them is trembling… What if the forest needed a Princess once again? "


A teenager struggling to find her place in the city, seeks refuge in a magical forest where giant wolves once ruled. When she discovers that humans are cutting down the trees, she unites with the wolves to defend her new home, before it all burns.

Wolf Girl introduces you to new characters who believe their home is worth fighting for and explores how we must resist greed and understand hatred, or risk being consumed. There will be love and hate, spirits and demons, in a story inspired by events that may have been just one instance, in an ever-repeating cycle of growth, death and rebirth.


The wolf girl committee believes that a Princess Mononoke Fan Film deserves to be made with cinematic quality and feel like a true cinema movie, so they are working hard to achieve high production values above and beyond that of our concept trailer.

So visit their kickstarter page, pledge your money and get this fan made film started!!! Looking at the information it is going to be made with love and care to be an extension of the original studio ghibli film.

Links: Wolf Girl Kickstarter  / Wolf Girl Website / Wolf Girl Twitter / Wolf Girl Facebook