Bringing The Small Screen To The Big(ger) Screen / by Steve Russell


Today, Sony announced a new piece of gaming gear to the world. 

The Vita TV will allow gamers to insert their PS Vita Memory Cards into the device in order to play VIta games on the comfort of their much larger TV screens. 

Scheduled for release in Japan later this year at a price point of 9,954 yen (approximately $100) it creates a truly viable option for those who have been thinking about picking up a Vita, but allowing the price to sway them. Granted, one can look at this as Sony essentially out pricing themselves, and it will be interesting to see if it hits sales for the Vita upon release; but I love the concept of the thing. I like the idea of being able to very easily take out my Vita memory card, slot it into the Vita TV and carry on playing whatever games I want with my Dual Shock controller. Having just completed another run through of Final Fantasy VIII on my Vita, I know I would have loved the ability to occasionally play on the big screen. 

Sony did state however that not all Vita games will work with the Vita TV as a lot of them utilise the touch features of the front screen. That being said, they're intending to launch with over 1,300 games already playable; both Vita, PSP and PSone, which is a pretty impressive opening salvo for the new device. 

Couple this with a future update intended for the PS4 that will allow gamers to stream PS4 content from one unit to a TV in another room (so if someone is unhelpfully hogging the TV that your PS4 is attached to, this is no longer an issue; just wirelessly stream it across!) and you're onto an interesting addition to the Playstation family. Granted, devices like these aren't a new idea; I bring to your attention the Gamecube Gameboy Player, for example, but with the advent of all this new technology, I look forward to seeing what it can do and have my fingers crossed for a Western release.

Scope out a demo video below! 

What do you think gamers? Good idea or another gamer gimmick? Sound off in the comments! 

Steve Russell // @stevetendo