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 The complex is directed by Hideo Nakata (Ring, Ring 2, Dark Water), this 2013 Japanese film feels like more of a supernatural thriller than a horror. There’s no gratuitous gore and none of the creepy sequences will have you leaping out of your seat or covering your eyes.

The sticky...

The story follows nursing student, Asuka (Atsuko Maeda), who shares a small apartment with her parents and younger brother. When Asuka hears strange sounds coming from the apartment next door, she is eventually tempted to investigate, and finds herself in the midst of troubling supernatural events. She forges an unlikely friendship with a young boy.

The Middle...

The complex marks the long awaited return of J-horror (Japanese ghost horror) from the man who started this amazing trend, Hideo Nakata. Nakata’s had an interesting career because his movie RINGU kicked off the J-horror wave, which he continued with DARK WATER and then off to the U.S to direct THE RING 2 (a sequel to the American remake of RINGU). Since THE RING 2’s ultimate failure, Nakata’s worked steadily, with movies like the Japanese thriller THE INCITE MILL. But, The Complex is his first full-on return to the genre that not only made him famous, but also (briefly) dominated American take on horror also.

The Review...

This film lacks Nakata’s usual take and edge on the j-horror film. The director rarely follows through on the tension that has builded in his suspenseful scenes. Some fans will also be put off by the plot, which i have to say was predictable and the low budget effects but if you like the evil dead (old ones not the remake) and hammer horrors you will understand that low budget effects don't make the film 'rubbish' they can actually add that sense of being real and pay homage to the golden days. The real chills come by way of a sense of unease, rather than fear, and the film’s dynamic sound effects create much of the suspense. With all this said this film is a well-structured, haunting tale with its themes of guilt, loneliness, and mortality. In addition, the great cast members effectively bring the narrative to life through greatly understated performances. 

The End...

The complex is really a must-see if you think Nakata’s J-horror style is ingenious. To me, The Complex is competent but a little bland compared to his previous films. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before but a welcome return to a genre that’s gaining traction due to films like insiduous and the the conjuring making their debut!!


Film: ★★★☆☆

Grab it and take a look!! 


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