My Encounter With Titans / by Christopher Gunn

Well, hello there interwebs! I guess I have been gone for a while (again), but, as it is, I am back. I have just recently moved to Toronto, ON, Canada, and I have to say… I love this place! Thanks for being patient, though!

I have just recently started watching Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). I know, I know. I am really late/slacking/whatever other term you would like to insert synonymous with tardiness. My philosophy on anime, though, is that I will not watch it unless I own it. Since the SNK BD/DVD set is too far away (for me), I finally broke down and started watching the series on Netflix. It is nothing short of amazing.

Now I know there have been many mixed feelings about this series, but I usually am able to decide from trailers if I will enjoy a series or not. The little I have actually heard, is that people either love or hate this show. I try to ignore as many reviews as possible in order to keep my mind clear of any subconscious influence. I have been especially strict about that mindset and this title, as I have been excited to watch it since seeing one of the earliest trailers.


I am around episode 14 or 15 (I believe) and have been watching this show in awe. I don’t know how else to describe the way this show has affected me, other than saying that I haven’t been affected by a show in this manner since Cowboy Bebop (which is my favorite anime series of all time). Now, I am not saying I think this show is as good as Bebop because I feel that their story structures are too different to compare.

What I mean, is that, this show has stricken a chord deep down inside me somewhere that very few things ever do. I think it has been the raw emotion, pure and simple. There is no filler, there is no time wasted, and the show’s pace is frenetic. I watched half of the series before realizing I had made it that far into the story. I have been completely engrossed in the characters and their flaws, and the anticipation caused by fearing for the safety of each person. The emotional bond the writer created between the characters and the viewer is unbelievable. I am at a loss for words at the humanity represented in such an impossible, surreal construct. As a writer, I find it dumbfounding and utterly inspirational.


I am sure there are plenty of flaws to point out about this, or any series for that matter. I believe, though, that if you focus on the negative, then that is all you will find and miss something phenomenal. That is probably the best term I could use to describe what I believe this show is. It is a “phenomenon” of contemporary animation.

Well, this is just one person’s opinion. Thanks for reading and keep checking back on UKAnifest!