What To Watch: Space Dandy / by shadebug

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We're a few weeks into the new season so it's time to start letting you know what to keep an eye out for and I'll start with the one show which you won't be able to watch for free anymore if you leave it too long because it's on Wakanim. Of course, we already told you to watch this months ago, so why aren't you watching it already?

Well said that man. Might I also add that he's surprisingly attractive and very witty? No? Never mind then.

Well said that man. Might I also add that he's surprisingly attractive and very witty? No? Never mind then.

So here we have a show with the Cowboy Beebop pedigree. That means, at the very least, stylish as hell with great music to go with it. Let me assure you that it has style and it also has music. It's no Tank! but it's not terrible either. The show itself, however, is another thing entirely.

Now, I came into this expecting something a little bit Cobra, a little bit Zapp Brannigan and, indeed, it has those elements to it. The thing is that it has so much more to it as well. This kinda feels like what Cowboy Beebop would have been if nobody had ever given the script a second look and they just left in all the crazy crap that made no sense whatsoever. And it's beautiful for it.

I'm going to say it's Cowboy Beebop meets Inspector Gadget meets Johnny Bravo meets Higurashi. I'll let you dwell on the ramifications of that for a moment.

Really, I have no idea where this is going and I'm only half sure about what's actually happened but it has been properly hilarious at times, mind-blowingly clever (I may have a fragile mind) at others and I feel like they're setting up for something that will change the way you think of story telling forever. That or it'll just turn out that boobs did it.

There's another thing. I'm guessing that a lot of people might consider this show to be objectifying women (I make this guess because I don't Tumbl so I have no way of knowing) but let me assure you that in no way do you ever feel like Space Dandy, or anybody else of his proclivities, is a good man for acting the way he does around women. Also, he gets divine retribution for being a lech at one point.

Finally, I will mention the dub because this is being simulcast both subbed and dubbed.

It's not a bad dub. 

The announcer is not nearly as good as his Japanese counterpart but he does the job. The guy playing Dandy is no Patrick Warburton or Jeff Bennett but he's not entirely inappropriate. More importantly though, when they're looking for a restaurant called Boobies, it sounds fantastic when it's not just the word Boobies peppered throughout a load of Japanese. And just because of that, I think this is the first time I will ever recommend a dub to anybody. It's not better by any means, but episode three, at the very least, benefits from the dub.

It's high brow as balls

It's high brow as balls

So there we go. This may well be a massive let down but now's the time to get invested and watch it happen. You let me know how it goes, I'm off to see what else is on.

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