Jobs. / by Steve Russell

It has been three years, to the day, that Steve Jobs passed away. I will always be able to tie in his death to a number of key moments in my life, most notably: it was the last time I ever played a gig with my old pop punk band, Adventure Starts Tomorrow! However, since his death the phrasing and popular, to the point of band wagon laziness, opinion of “if Steve were still alive”, or “this wouldn’t have happened if Steve were still here” has persisted to hound any, and every, decision that has been made since he died.

Whether I agree with these statements isn’t important, though I do have my opinions on it, I just wanted to take a moment to remember a man who, purported tyrant he was, has been a constant inspiration to myself and so many around the world.

I do not believe that many men can truly be labelled a genius, without some needless, superfluous adulation being the key motivating factor for it, but with Steve I can’t help but feel it’s completely justified. This man was a genius, and his continuing vision is proof of this. It lives on, and not only in within corporate entities or fan boys, but in those that listen to this mans words and choose to take inspiration from them, rather than attempting to deride them for whatever petty, personal reason.

- - - 

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