Top 3 Anime Opening Songs for Winter 2014 (list) / by Alexander Neri

This season gave us a lot of titles to look into, and usually shows are pretty much pre-judged with their OP animation sequences.

Here are the three that, by far, had caught my attention and have left me excited for the episode they present.

Please remember that this does not include titles that are leftovers from Fall 2013. Yes, needless to say, best OP for Fall 2013 is Log Horizon’s Database.

3) Nisekoi - CLICK (ClariS) The cute and bubbly vocals of ClariS gives a breath of life to the OP of this title. Nisekoi was a pretty long running manga title, and for most viewers (hint: me) this was a refreshing take. And given Studio SHAFT's treatment of the story, it is well-played.

2) Noragami - Goya no Machiawase「午夜の待ち合わせ」(Hello Sleepwalkers )This OP was wonderfully executed. A mix of grunge design, monotone backgrounds and that lovely RGB effect on the set was certainly done tastefully. This mix gave a fitting atmosphere in hinting what to expect from the story. This, along with Log Horizon's Database, is one of the few songs where a guy is on the vocals. Great choice. 

1) Mikakunin de Shinkoukei - Tomadoi→Recipe「とまどい→レシピ」(Mikakuning) despite the various negative reviews I've seen in its MAL listing, Mikakunin's OP definitely takes the cake for me. With its bouncy intro and upbeat theme, this is the song that can keep you going for 8 straight hours. Coz I know I did.

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Bonus - 5 Minute Mix


Yes? No? Challenge Accepted. Goodbye, my brains…

What I look for in an OP: a) It sticks in your head b) it introduces something unique to you, either by animation design or in music tone & c) the music fits the title that if given the chance, it summarizes what to expect in the series.

And the image source for the banner above is the album cover of Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete Maxi Single CD - Perfect Sky. かわいいでしょう?