Valrosa Beach in 1980?? / by UKAnifest

Hi Civilians,

 We have just been notified about another kickstarter project that is making some headway with only 9 days to go!!


"At its core, Valrosa Beach is a classic hard-boiled detective film with a touch of science fiction. The film follows the journey of veteran detective Jack Gibson, as he tries to solve a series of murders related to an experimental substance known as "X5". Let's just say X5 does more to a human body than meets the eye, and it's not pretty. As Jack uncovers the epidemic that is plaguing the city he swore to protect, everything about his character is put into question."


As Nick Sabia states 'The film could be best described as a "neon-soaked" Noir, or better yet, "John Carpenter meets Miami Vice.' and I believe him! To make this film feel like the 80's Nick and his team intend to incorporate pixel-art.


So is this another kickstarter campaign to get backers to pledge... yes but we love kickstarter campaigns as some of the projects funded are more likely to be what the people want and also more exciting than the average hollywood film!!

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