Review: Magi - The Labyrinth Of Magic (Part 1) / by UKAnifest

Hi Civilians,

 Magi is about a core group of three individuals and the adventures they have. We have Alibaba who grew up very streetwise, who wants lots of money and he wants to conquer the world. The reason??  because inside there is a treasure to be found and he’ll be set for life once he gets it. Magi comes from Japan anime house A-1 Pictures and is released in the UK from Kaze.

The Sticky

"Alibaba is a young carrier who dreams of gaining enough money to buy a whole country. To achieve this goal he must venture into a mysterious ruin called a “Dungeon,” which is said to hold secret treasures deep within its labyrinth. Unfortunately, Alibaba lacks the courage to carry out his plan and remains a worker. Until…

One day Alibaba meets a mysterious boy named Aladdin, who can summon a mighty blue spirit from a flute and travels across the continent in search of Djinn Metal Vessels. Hoping to harness Aladdin’s magical power, Alibaba invites Aladdin to join him on his dungeon-capturing expedition.

Along the way, through numerous encounters and farewells, both of them will come to learn the truth about their destiny!"

The Core

There is so much history and story line here that you can often get confused by the pace of it but keep watching as this all makes sense by episode 7. The narrative and pacing are not an issue varying from comedy to action and then dark drama. Despite the character designs (which can come across like it was designed for children) the show explores adult themes including slavery, abuse and poverty. This is still a good watch and a testament to Kaze / Manga for bringing this series to the UK.

The Audio / Picture

The picture quality is in widescreen and has a 1080p transfer. The quality is super deluxe as the HD transfer is spectacular on Bluray. This is much better on Bluray than it is on DVD, (why would you buy DVD anyway??) the rich look in picture due to the scenes set in Arabia give this release an amazing sense of style. 

The audio track is PCM 2.0 Stereo English & Japanese... it is not that bad for a pure stereo release. I wish they had included a 5.1 track as this would have sounded great. The atmospheric sound is good but when using a 5.1 system you will not notice the difference between this in stereo and mono. 

The End

Magi is one of the more accessible animes of recent years. The main characters will be familiar and  the humour is vastly incorporated. Strong characters, a great mixture of music and vocal performances, means that you defiantly need to purchase this anime!! Get it now as this is pure anime brilliance!!

Anime: ★★★

Extras: ★☆☆☆