Review: The Lady Assassin / by UKAnifest

Hi Civilians,

 Terracotta has released the amazing lady assassin on DVD. This film is about a group of thieving courtesans who spend their days lurking in an inn some way off the main road. They have various backstories, one being a circus performer and a discarded mistress  but the action is so good that you should be thinking, who cares about the story? Give me the action!! And so it does...

The Sticky

 A sexy, action packed martial-arts fantasy set in a traveller’s tavern whose owner, with the help of her team of lethal waitresses, routinely slaughter the corrupt government officials & businessmen who visit.
When an innocent young woman (TANG Thanh Ha), whose family has been killed by an evil general, arrives at the seaside tavern, they train her to become a skilled assassin so that she can take bloody revenge for her family.

The Core

Lady assassin is directed by Nguyen Quang Dung and stars popular Vietnamese actresses Tang Thanh Ha, NGOC Quyên, KIM Dung and DIEM My. This film brings Vietnam to the map due to its high production values and also the top class talent. The picture is vibrant, balletic and hilarious. When you see the tavern scene you can see the style of wire-rigged wuxia along with the kung fu styles of many Chinese films. 

Lady assassin moves things along at a fast pace as the action takes place (mostly) in a jungle. The sharp cinematography highlighting a lot of bright colours, there are plenty of sword fights and impossible leaps, although the fight scenes are more about the looks than being very physical. 

The Disc

The special features a scarce but you have some trailers and a photo gallery. The quality of this film is amazing on DVD, the colours look vibrant and the soundtrack is loud and proud (Vietnamese Dolby Digital 5:1). The english subtitles are spot on and relate to the original language. All in all (I don't normally say this) this is a great release on DVD, I would love to see it on Bluray but the DVD does do the film justice.

Film: ★★★★☆

Disc: ★★★☆☆

(one extra star for the disc audio / picture quality on DVD being so good)


The Lady Assassin trailer from Terracotta Distribution (UK)