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Hi All,

 My name is Aisha Anime and I live in the heart of multicultural London, where I went to school in Kent, where I developed a phobia of Maths and creaky stairs - I wanted to further my career of Video games designer, sadly this plan fell through so plan B was initiated and I strove to become a journalist.


Since it's not good to keep all this creativity pent up Aisha took up interests such as seamstress, jewellery making,  photographer, blogger and socialite. When your doing a degree like English Literature you kinda stick out amongst all the book worms but luckily she went to Goldsmiths, University of London and found some like minded buddies who encouraged her passions. it was there her love for Japanese culture was nurtured, relieving stress on Mortal Kombat in the Student Union and even turned a few people to a wonderful concept of “Anime”.

A writer for a thirst of the Japanese random, Aisha Anime attend’s all the upcoming Japanese related events in London. She likes to design casual Cosplay outfits in her spare time as well as collaborating with Costume-Box (costume designers and sellers). Apart from Cosplay her interests include street passing events, game previews, Japan Underground, movies, conventions, J-Fashion and hosting her own Anime related Podcast come video show called The Anime UK Show/Otaku Nation at Playnation Games, Croydon. Japanese culture is more than Hello Kitty; read her articles for an insight into a world of kawaii & wonderful!

Aisha has also appeared on TV as well as interviewed some of the most well loved voices from our favourite anime's including Veronica Taylor to Japanese icons like Danny Choo, follow her adventures below:

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Please welcome Aisha Anime to UKAnifest!